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Health Comes First


At Fitbodymd, we see patients by appointment only and all evaluations and treatments are catered to the specific findings, and needs of our athletes and patients. Once the initial evaluation is done, further follow up is discussed with the patient. Our staff will follow up with quick focused e-mails and/or phone calls to ensure that all instructions and regimens instituted by our medical staff are followed, and all issues that may arise are resolved quickly. Our main goal is not only to evaluate and treat our athletes and patients, but to educate them. An educated patient is a healthy and fit patient. Make an appointment and come and see the difference of why FiTbodymd is the #1 medical provider for athletes, and all who want to stay FiT and be IN SHAPE.


All consultations are by appointment only. Our medical staff does not accept health insurance, but a detailed receipt will be provided at every visit. If your insurance provider has an out-of-network visit policy, you may submit the receipt provided, together with any particular forms that your health insurance requires. For further information, please contact the customer service department of your health insurance carrier.

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