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Bariatric surgery is a very popular and sought out treatment for those obese patients. What most people don't realize is that after having undergone bariatric surgery your body gets transformed. That transformation causes your digestive system to not absorb many nutrients. Although you may benefit from the weight reduction offered by bariatric surgery you may become malnourished and develop chronic debilitating conditions. Post bariatric patient require lifelong monitoring and evaluation by a trained professional in the field.

Mostly Bariatric surgery is reserved for those patients that have a BMI (body Mass Index) of 30 with one or more adverse health consequence like hypertension, diabetes etc. or those patients with a BMI of 40 or more (formally classified as Morbid Obesity). 


A candidate for bariatric surgery goes through a very extensive pre-surgical evaluation that includes but is not limited to a thorough medical evaluation, a surgical consultation, an evaluation by a mental health professional, a nutritional and dietary evaluation and a pre-surgical educational support. It has been our experience that most of the evaluation and treatment centers on the pre-surgical state and much is left in the hands of the patients mostly 2 to 3 years after surgery. 


There are many potential chronic complication on the bariatric patient. Some of them are protein malnutrition, anemia related to a poor nutritional state, mineral bone disease (osteoporosis / osteopenia) and but not limited to nutritional y vitamin deficiencies (like vitamin A, vitamin, C, vitamin D, vitamin E, B-Complex, Folate, zinc, magnesium etc.).

At FiTbodymd we provide a comprehensive nutritional and hormonal evaluation for those post bariatric surgery patients. Based on our patients lab results we create an individualized nutritional supplementation and hormonal protocol to maximize your bodies nutritional and hormonal status. As you may have been explained by your surgeon, bariatric surgery creates a state of mal-absorption or nutritional and caloric restriction that if not addressed may lead to severe nutritional, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 


One of our main goals at FiTbodymd is to evaluate our patients hormonal status post-surgery. Deficiencies in hormonal androgens may precipitate not only the desired weight loss but muscle wasting and muscle loss. Customized hormonal supplementation may aid in stopping muscle mass while in the process of weight loss.

The surgery will give you a new body, but you need to learn how this new body works. Let us guide you.

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