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X-Ray Results

Performance is the results of the interaction between fitness and fatigue.


Our Body Composition Protocol strives to help the patient return to a leaner and healthier state. Our evaluation and treatment centers in replenishing key nutritional and hormonal deficiencies particular to each one of our patients.. We strive to help the patient create a leaner muscle mass, fueled by energy stored in fat, thus reducing body fat percentage. According to the Mayo Clinic, researchers now believe that gaining muscle mass through strength training will generate benefits beyond the actual exercise period itself. In other words, by doing strength training and gaining leaned muscle mass, individuals are able to make a positive impact on their overall health and well-being. Another benefit of lean muscle mass is to improve overall appearance which directly influences self-esteem and our level of self-confidence. Strength, muscle tone and metabolism will improve. This gives an individual a fit appearance, improves their self-confidence and increases the number of calories burned each and every day, even at rest.

At FiTbodymd we work jointly with our patients health coach, sports trainers, therapists, life planers etc. in order to integrate out patients physical performance with our laboratory and nutritional evaluations. 


We personalize each evaluation and treatment, given patients age, gender, lifestyle and current medical conditions. We provide one on one and written instructions to help guide the patient’s treatment. We also strive to achieve hormonal optimization for each individual using HCG, Testosterone, Estrogens and other hormones in accordance to each individual’s needs. Not necessarily a patient will require the use of hormones, each of our treatment protocol is tailored to individual needs. We also review our patient medication treatment in order to optimize their dosages and frequencies as their physiology and body composition changes.  


We understand that a body with sound nutrition and a balance hormonal state will be more able to perform better, given a set program of physical activity. Basically if the internal components of the body metabolic machinery, nutrition and hormones, are balanced, the patient will achieve a leaner, healthier state in a quicker amount of time and will be able to sustain such an improvement.


At FiTbodymd, we go beyond just counting calories or providing a diet, we evaluate specific nutritional need and we do individualized supplementation. Patients are thought the caloric value of foods and the way their individual body processes such calories. By understanding this patient can know, not only what to eat but when should they eat it based on their metabolic evaluations.


Another very common topic asked in our offices is if we utilize HCG. Our hormonal treatments are based on individual deficiencies and symptomatology presented by each patient. This means that if you would require HCG, we do not stop there, we formulate a plan that treats all unbalanced hormones in order to achieve a healthier state.


Our follow up are individualized, but generally after the first consultation, the patient is started with part of the treatment deemed medically necessary and later this treatment is modified, when each patient's  laboratory and other exam results become available. After this, we follow the patient every 6-10 weeks based on each individual plan, for the following 8 to 10 months.


For every cycle of 6 to 10 weeks of treatments, we establish individualized goals for each patient given their treatment protocol. Such period is followed by several phone calls, emails, or short interventions at the office to keep in track our patients.


By the time our acute treatment has completed, our patients are able to understand their bodies’ metabolic individualities, and how he or she should eat, exercise and plan for social activities in order to enjoy their new body and health without jeopardizing their hard work. After all, the best way to achieve a healthy life is to have a happy enjoyable one.

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