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Laboratory Evaluation & Testing

At FiTbodymd we have joined forces with state of the art laboratories around the country in order for our patients to have access to the most advanced tests. We ask of all our patients to bring with them any previous studies, does not matter how old they are, in order to look for trends in their bodies physiology. Taking our patients medical conditions, past history and goals we will prepare a plan of evaluation and monitoring that will optimize our treatments and our patients health.


We offer blood draw services at our office and have worked with reference laboratories, so that our patients can use their health insurance to cover that testing with an associated affordable deductible. (Please not that all health insurance are different and you should contact our staff to see if the reference laboratories are able to take your specific insurance and if so what would be the appropriate co-pay.)

Our goal is not only to look at numbers but to teach what those laboratory numbers represent to each of our patients. We want out patients to become knowledgeable about their bodies and thus better understand their health decisions.

A very common question from our patients is that: if it is necessary to have their blood drawn at our offices. For most of the test requested, our staff will provide a laboratory request form to the patient and he or she can go to the reference labs of their choice. On specific occasions some test are more specific and either the patient can have them done at our facility or we will work with them to ascertain if a particular laboratory center covers the test through their health insurance. Please refer to the FQA section on our website for further information.

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