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We all have unique bodies, why not to have unique medicine?


The fast pace at which medicine is advancing has provided physicians the tools and patients the benefits of better medicine trough earlier diagnosis and treatment of disease. Doctors now have the resources to identify and measure with great precision how the body's physiology declines with age. This is achieved through a detailed laboratory work showing how hormones decline or how the body consumes nutrients and to what extent those nutrients need to be replaced.


For many years menopause was seen as the ending of femininity and end of a productive live from which no one could escape. In later years andropause "male menopause" has been seen the same way. The medical community dealt with menopause as an unavoidable stage on a women life that needed to be accepted. While on the male side medicine concentrated its resources in treating erectile dysfunction. Both menopause and andropause go far beyond this. Our technological advances in diagnosis and treatment of disease have shown us that not only menopause can be identified early,  but treated as any other condition. We have also seen how menopause and andropause go beyond the fact that our hormones decrease with age. We have learn and now can identify and treat the physiological and emotional repercussions of such changes that affect our body and mind. He help re-establish our patients hormonal and nutritional balance, so that they can continue to enjoy their active and competitive lifestyles at their later years.


At FiTbodymd we know how to take such complex physiological changes and explain them to patients in and effective and easy to understand terminology. Our goal goes far beyond diagnosing and treating medical conditions but helping educate patients on how their bodies are changing and how to make the best of that knowledge in order to achieve an active and happy lifestyle no matter the age.


At FiTbodymd we use state of the art laboratory blood and saliva testing and we understand that there is no one treatment of cure. We cater and customize our treatment to be patient specific. We all have unique bodies why not have unique medicine. Our treatment rage from traditionally based medical practice to bio-identical hormones, customize hormone treatment and patients specific nutritional supplementation. 

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