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Muscular Man Lifting Kettle Ball

We all have unique bodies, why not to have unique medicine?


Throughout the last decade, many advances in research relating to hormonal treatments and muscle performance have been published. Diagnostic medicine and laboratory advancements have allowed us to better evaluate the needs of our athletes and patients in order to optimize both hormonal and nutritional treatments. The more we advance in medicine, the more we learn how unique each person’s body is. What may be good for one patient might not be the physiological need of another one.


At FiTbodymd we center our evaluations and medical treatments as to achieve a better physiological well-being. We can determine which hormonal treatment and at what dose out patients will perform at their optima level. Muscle is not only guided by hormones, it also needs nutrition and building blocks (like amino acids) in order to grown and recover from exercise. At FiTbodymd we achieve greater muscle performance in our patients by tailoring specific hormonal and nutritional treatments that respond to the specific demands and need of each individual body. It's health and performance guided by science.


We have also realized that being able to perform better is not the only important concept. We also strive to treat each and every one of our patient in a way to optimize their muscle recovery. The better we can help our patients recover between their workouts, the better performance and the less chance of injury they will have.

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