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We are a group of healthcare providers dedicated to maximizing ones potential in sports and life by being in shape. All our doctors hold the highest degree awarded by the American Anti-Aging Academy. We have helped thousands of professional and amateur athletes achieve the best performance and physical well being of their lives.


Medical Director / Protocol Architect

Jaime Salas Rushford, MD is a traditionally trained physician who practices integrative medicine centered on performance athletes.  After completing his training at two of New York's preeminent hospitals, St. Vincent and Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Rushford went on to open the leading integrative wellness clinic in Puerto Rico treating patients in New York City, Florida & Puerto Rico.  He holds board certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.  Dr. Rushford is an expert on digestive health and probiotics. 

He has been featured in numerous health publications, & makes frequent appearances on health focused radio and television shows.

Jimmy SalasMD12Nov 2010-67_edited.JPG

“The challenge is not only to get you in shape, but that the patient understands the importance of maintaining good health."

"FiTBodyMD Keeps me in the game, if you want PEAK performance, there is no other place to go. The FiTBodyMD team is 100% on top of their game and yours."

                                                                                                                    Jose T

                                                                                                                       San Juan, PR 

FiTbodymd has changed my body, my mind, and has given me a new life. My endurance and performance are the best they've ever been.


New York, NY

Great staff, awesome medicine. I now have the energy, stamina, and state of mind to enjoy all my favorite sport activities. A +++


Miami, FL

I have been reborn! and feel great. Dr Salas-Rushford and his team are excellent and extremely thorough. I would recommend anyone who is serious about their health to be evaluated by Dr. Salas Rushford & FiTbodymd. They have kept me in peak performance for more than 8 years.


San Juan, PR

FiTbodymd and Dr Salas-Rushford are the best! They have made me fall in love with health again. Who said that a 60-year-old could outdo all the "young" ones in the gym. A+++ in service and patient care.


San Juan, PR

Thank you ! Thank you ! Just did my first Iron Man Triathlon and feel great. I have discovered how great it feels to compete, feel fit, and healthy. Anyone who is serious about getting fit should go for a consultation.


San Juan, PR

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