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Physical Therapist

The Care You Deserve


Through a holistic approach of medicine, we view each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. We understand that knowing your body and your limits, empowers our patients to make better decisions.  We understand that recovery strategies are an integral part of any high performance sports program. As we exercise we stress our body and deplete many nutritional resources, thus making it harder for our body to recover efficiently. We develop nutritional and hormonal supplementation to counteract those that are depleted through their training. This helps our patients body become  balanced, and always have the necessary physiological resources to fully and adequately recover and avoid suffering from overreaching and or over-training, which can greatly increase the  chance of injury.

We strive in identifying and quickly addressing any initial complaints from our patients before those complaints become a path to injury. It's not about playing hard, it's about playing smart in order to be able to compete hard.

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