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How our office works . . . The purpose of this guide is to take the guesswork out of being a patient at our office.


After you initial contact with our staff, you will receive via e-mail, a health questionnaire. Please complete it as thoroughly as possible. If you have any laboratory test results or diagnostic studies withing the past 6 months, please also forward such results with the health questionnaire. You may upload those documents directly ans securely through our website under the PATIENTS tab.


Our medical staff will review the documents and advise the patient with further laboratory work up or diagnostic study is indicated for their first sit down with the doctor. This is done in order for the physician to has as much information available in order to maximize his or her time with the doctor. A simple example would be, a patient who might requires hormonal replacement and has not had a mammogram done. Once cases like this are identified, our office will provide the appropriate exam order. Once the patient has all the necessary results, an initial appointment will be scheduled.

As you can see, your initial encounter with the physician will be very thorough. Initial appointments last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes with the physician. We ask our first time patients to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment in order to complete any necessary paperwork at our office.  Realizing that during the initial appointment much is covered, we schedule our initial patient for a short follow up, two weeks after their initial appointment. This follow up is to make sure that the patient is following the established protocol, asses any questions, screen for possible side effects, provide guidance and agree on an appropriate follow up schedule with our office. This short follow up is provided to the patient free of charge. Our goal is to make sure that our patient truly understands the treatment and to guide them each step of the way. For questions and answers about how to pay for the initial visit and what methods of payment we accept, please visit our FQA section.


You will begin your transformation on your very first visit. You will leave our office motivated, happy and energized, ready for a new you. You will be provided with full set of instructions tailored to every patient explaining as appropriate diet, exercise, medication and supplementation protocols.

As your follow up continues, we will reassess your fitness goals and your current medical conditions. Our goal is not to make super human athletes, is to educate our athlete and patient population in order for them to make better live, exercise, training, lifestyle decisions.

In addition to focusing on helping you achieve the level of performance that you desire, we require that all our patient undergo routine and preventive health screenings. Example of this might be the yearly mammogram and PAP evaluation of our female populations or routine EKG, x-rays or other diagnostic studies that would apply given our patients medical and family history. We not only strive to maximize health, but we have a responsibility to help our patients in prevent disease.

Based on your treatment protocol, our physicians will establish proper laboratory or diagnostic study follow up. This way you will have a clear idea on when your studies are due and the reason that certain laboratory values need to be repeated at certain intervals.

A very common situation that arises in our patients are those that while achieving a better state of health and maximizing their athletic performance, no longer require or need adjustments to certain medication they were taking prior to joining our visits. Our medical staff will identify those situations and will work with the patient and their primary health care provider to aid in adjusting or eliminating those medications. A common example see are those patients that come in taking high doses of hypertensive medications. Once certain athletic and lifestyle modifications are achieve we find that most of our patients require either a dose adjustment of elimination of their hypertensive medication. This is done in coordination with either their primary care provider or their cardiologist in order to make sure that our patient are treated with the optimal type and dosage of the required medication. 

In regard to our professional athletes, we work closely with their teams doctors and trainers and provide constant feedback with them in order to develop the most appropriate , diet, nutrition, supplement and hormonal treatments and protocols.

Please be assured, at FiTbodymd, we do not sponsor any brands, supplements or treatments. Everything we do is tailored to each patient and prescribed by a licensed health care professional. Based on the patients need, the patient may pick their prescriptions up at local pharmacy, or we may provided contact information for FDA approved and certified compounding pharmacies that will custom make your medications and deliver them to their most convenient address.

For our offices Policies & Procedures, please follow the link: FiTbodymd P&P

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