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Policies and Procedures

At Fitbodymd we care for the health and well being of our patients. We strive in providing the most individualized care and follow up. We understand that our patients time is valuable and thus we ha instituted the following policies in order to provide the best care possible.

1. Walk-in patients

We do not accept walk-in patients. We evaluate and treat by previous appointment only. This way our staff can make sure that when the patient comes for his or her visit, all necessary test results, laboratory workup and necessary information is fully available for our medical staff. This way the patients visit is more thorough and a comprehensive treatment protocol can be established.

2. "No-Show" / Cancellation Policy

Each time a patient misses an appointment without providing proper notice, another patient is prevented from receiving care. Therefore, at FiTbodymd we reserves the right to charge a fee of $50.00 for all missed appointments (“no shows”) and appointments which, absent a compelling reason, are not cancelled with a 24-hour advance notice. “No Show” fees will be billed to the patient. We appreciate the understanding of our patients regarding this policy. For a copy of the24 Hour Cancellation & “No Show” Fee Policy agreement, click HERE.

3. Late patient arrival

At FiTbodymd we understand that certain unexpected situations happen. We will cancel the appointment of any patient who is 15 (fifteen) minutes or more late to his or her appointment and will make every attempt possible to contact that patient and re-schedule his or her appointment. We would appreciate the the patient contacts our office if he or she is running late so that we can explore options and properly re-schedule them. Our doctors require the length of each appointment to adequately asses and treat each and everyone of our patients.

4. Replacement of prescriptions and documents

At FiTbodymd we digitize all documents brought by patients and we never retain any original documentations. All original study reports belong to patients. If the patient has his or her blood drawn at our clinic, the reports will be e-mailed to them (if a printed copy is desired a small fee will be charged).

If the patient requires a reprint of his or her protocol instructions or a replacement prescription a charge of $25.00 dollars will be assessed. Please note that no replacements for CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES prescriptions will be provided.

5. The Whole Process Matters

We expect that all our patients get involve in their treatment. We expect our patients to be engaging, dynamic and with a desire to better themselves. Our medical staff requires that they develop a positive attitude and are open to communication. This is why we require our patient to be honest about their medical past and current treatments in order for our medical staff to develop the best treatment protocol.

6. Emergency Health Situations

If any of our patients is involved in a health emergency situation, please contact 911 or visit the nearest ER.

7. Questions, communications and doubts

For our first time patients, we understand that many doubt and questions arise during the first two weeks of their initial visit. This is why we provide a no-cost follow up  two weeks after their initial visit to help clear all those questions.

For our established patients, keep in mind that we have personnel in our office during regular business hours. Our physicians are not always at the office during those hours since they might be at different athletic training centers in the area.  For questions or concerns you may contact our office during business hours. If it's during a weekend, outside of business hours or during a holiday, please either send us an e-mail, contacts us via our CONTACT section on this site or leave us a voicemail. Please be as detailed as possible in your message and provide a current e-mail address. Our medical staff will do it's best to respond as soon as possible.

8. Communication and transmission of information during non business hours

If you are contacting our offices due to a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911. Once you are at your local emergency room, the ER staff will contact our medical staff.

If your communication is regarding a non medical emergency and is outside of our normal business hours, please write to us via e-mail ( or via the contact section of our website. Please include your full name, contact phone number and try to be as detailed as possible. Our staff will review the e-mails and will gather the necessary information so that our medical staff could properly answer your question or concerns. Please be asured that all communications are treated in accordance with strict confidentiality protocols and HIPAA law and all are staff have been properly trained and certified to comply with all HIPAA regulations.

9. Assisting you to your medical appointment under the influence of alcohol or an illegal controlled substance

Assisting to one of your medical appointments, while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is not tolerated at our clinic.  If our staff detects that any of our patients is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, his/her appointment will be cancelled and the patient will no longer be part of our clinic.

10. Confidentiality and safeguard of medical information.

Confidentiality is priority at our clinic. Each patient is treated individually and all confidential information is heavily guarded. Under no circumstances will we share, disclose or make available any of our patients information with any other entity, organization or person. If for example, we treat husband and wife, each one will have his or her own appointment and under no circumstances  will any medical / confidential information will be shared. In the event that a patient would send a their party to pick up any results or paperwork, such authorization has to be in writing. If any of our staff has any doubt about the authenticity of such an authorization, the patient will be contacted directly to verify his or her wishes. Any consultation about a case that would be done with another healthcare professional will be discussed first with the patients and his or her authorization will be requested. All our medical and ancillary staff hold HIPPA and confidentiality certifications and periodic re-training is done.

Medicinal Marijuana Patients

At FiTbodymd we understand the clinical benefits that medicinal marijuana provide to patients. We welcome patients that are duly certified and monitored under the Florida Department of Health Medicinal Marijuana Program at our clinic. Such patients need to provide evidence that they are in full compliance with the Florida Department of Health Medicinal Marijuana Program.

Click HERE for a link to the Florida Department of Health Website.

Doping and Drug Use by our Patients

At FiTbodymd we strongly condemn any king of doping and/or illicit drug use. Any one of our patients who is found to be doping, using illicit drugs, or FDA approved drugs with out the written prescription by a licensed physician will be terminated from our services. We reserve the right at FiTbodymd to request a doping test to any of our patients, who our medial staff might think is under the influence of a substance that would put his or her life in danger. Click HERE for the World Anti Doping Agency Website.

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