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WHY FiTbodymd?

A sound mind requires a sound body and a sound body requires a sound mind.  Low physical fitness is an important risk factor for cardiovascular and all-causes morbidity and mortality[1].  The assessment of physical fitness can be a highly valuable indicator of health and life expectancy. At FiTbodymd our goal is to guide your evaluation and treatment with the aim of preserving, rebuilding and maintaining physical fitness through lean body muscle and balanced nutrition. 


With age, lean body mass decreases. This decrease is partly caused by a loss of muscle tissue. The speed and amount of muscle changes seem to be caused by genes and accelerated by hormonal loss, especially testosterone. Muscle changes often begin in the 20s in men and in the 40s in women[2]. We believe that this decline can be greatly reduced and overturned so that our patient can learn to keep and develop a body that can keep up with your desire to live an active lifestyle.


Your muscle not only needs adequate exercise but needs the correct physiological, hormonal and nutritional conditions to thrive. Medicine has evolve to the point that everybody can benefit from all the great advances used in professional sport to measure your hormones, physiological conditions and nutritional requirements to accomplish a healthy and fit body. FiTbodymd has pioneered this application from professional sports to us, the day to day, individual who deserves a responsive and well trained body. Come and join us! 


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2. NIH National Library of Medicine

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