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As we age we start a progressive decline on both our hormone levels and our nutritional stores. As we know in order to maintain a well functioning organism we require a solid nutritional support and a balance hormonal state. HCG is indicated for physiological states of hypothyroidism, better know as hormonal decay. HCG and adequate nutritional support  provide the necessary ingredients on a winning formula for increasing your wellbeing.


What is HCG?

HCG also known as Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. It is a hormone produced by the female placenta during pregnancy. Although it is usually associated with pregnancy it can be found in both men and women.


What is the function of HCG in the body?

It functions in helping the body mobilize fat stores. In the case of the pregnant female those extra calories and nutrients help nourish the placenta. In the case of weight management, picture the following scenario. Let say your body runs in gasoline and the fat stores in your body are made of diesel fuel. We might see why fat would not be the preferred energy source of the body. HCG transforms this diesel fuel into gasoline thus making those fat reserves available for the human body to utilize.


Why HCG alone is not the sole treatment?

As with every complex metabolic process in the body, the processing of fat stores is a complex one. It requires not only the adequate hormones to initiate the event but it also requires adequate nutritional factors to aid in the cascade of metabolic events.   As you may imagine we are increasing the turnaround of fat stores in a very short amount of time this increasing the need of plenty of nutrients and cofactors that need to be replenished daily. Nutritional support should include not only your basic vitamins and minerals but should include Phase I and Phase II lived detoxification support. The increase turnover of fat stores creates increased strain in the functioning of the liver, thus adequate liver support nutrition should be implemented as to achieve optimal results from the weight management benefits of HCG.


Why do they tell me I need a very low calorie diet?

The human body is a very lazy machine by nature. I order to process fat as means of energy, highly complex processes must be employed. On the other hand the use of sugars, carbohydrates and protein (muscle mass) requires much less effort and metabolic complexity to be used as energy. Thus you might understand that as long as a body has a surplus of sugars and carbohydrates , the body will use them as energy sources rather than the stored fat. The idea is to maximize the use of the stored fat and the best way to achieve this is to give the body no other options of energy source than the stored fat.


A calorie deficit, key concept in the success of HCG?

The basic idea, while on HCG is to consume less calories than the body requires for any given day. Remember that while on HCG the body has the capacity of using your stored fat as a source of calories. If you manage to create a daily calorie deficit through daily food restriction and exercise your body will employ your fat stores as a means to supply the necessary calories.  On  a regular calorie deprived diet, without HCG, your body will obtain the required calories mostly from muscle mass. This is why people who decreased their calorie intake lose a lot of weight but look "sick", "weak" and feel tired. The key is not only losing weight but losing the weight from the right sources, in this case from fat and not muscle. People not on HCG , who lose muscle mass, thus losing weight, usually gain their weight back. The body will increase hunger in order to obtain more food to replace the lost muscle.


Why is HCG the better option?

HCG not only makes fat stores available as a calorie source but help protect muscle mass and to a certain extent helps create lean muscle mass. Having a good metabolism is directly proportional to the amount of lean body mass in the body. As you lose your fat stores thus your body fat content and improve your lean body mass, you are creating a healthier metabolism. This translates in keeping your lost weight and body fat off, enjoying a healthier body and preventing disease.


Side effects and considerations to keep in mind?

As discussed earlier, fat is metabolized in the liver and during HCG the liver is working harder than it usually is. This is why we discourage the use of any type of alcohol. Also remember that alcohol is a carbohydrate. Consuming alcohol is providing a fuel source for the body that would undermine the used of the body fat stores for energy. Another important note, is that HCG might over stimulate your ovaries and testicle, thus increasing your ovulation in females and sperm count in males. This translates into an increase chance of pregnancy. Adequate contraception should be used at all times while on HCG.

The most common side effects are nausea, headaches, constipation, dizziness, blood clots. As with any medical treatment, we encourage you to consult your primary health care professional before starting any weight management program.

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