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COVID-19 - The More You Know

When news first appeared about THE VIRUS in China, I guess most of us thought – “in China not here”. As the days passed and people were dying suddenly, this moment was real. China now was closer than anybody would imagine.

Life changed and adapted. We now have so much time – being on lock down- to clean the house, sleep if you can, but mixed with this sudden pause in humanity is the worry the anxiety and worst of all the wait. Our children, our parents, our grandparents and in many cases a sense of – “can I really do anything that will make a difference”.

The answer is YES! Yes, we can! We can stay home and save lives. If you are sick for whatever reason you can infect other if what you have is COVID-19 or you can get other people sick with other pathogens and weaken their immune system. So, stopping this is totally in our control, not politicians, not the government, not the non-believers in the power of us. It is up to us to win this battle.

I want to hear how we should care for ourselves at home. What can I take if my or my loves ones show symptoms. Once you are at the hospital the doctors can decide and help you with what to do, but what can we do during those first moments that we show symptoms or we realize that are love one might be sick. When is it necessary to leave the sanctuary of our home and head to a hospital?

So yes, we must be vigilant, we must be understanding with the one that might not be able to fend for themselves. We all have bills, deadlines, responsibilities but at the same time we might be responsible of spreading a disease that could take the lives of others. Even though there is no current cure, we can stay home, treat our symptoms, treat our fever, cough, malaise and hydrate. Do everything we have been doing for ages when we get sick. Let’s go back to basics and once the first symptom starts, treat it do your best to treat it! Don’t let a fever progress to a point that even if you need a hospital, it might be to late. Even with the best doctors and best medical technology, health care professionals can do so much.

Any symptom that you ordinarily treat at home, if you get it, from a cold, flu etc., treat it immediately. Like with any cold, hydration is a must. Have Pedialyte available and keep hydrated. Notify your health care professional that you developed symptoms and that you have started to treat them. He or she will provide more guidance, but the first step is up to you. Start treating your symptoms from day one.

Keep an eye on the elderly, since they might not show classic symptoms like cough, fever, etc. They usually present with a mild alteration in cognition and out of the ordinary weakness.

We doctor can do much with today's medical advances but with this disease, we need to go back to basics, treat symptoms immediately. If you have any chronic medical conditions, make sure they are being treated and be responsible with your daily medications. Keep active, do your exercise as tolerated and as much as possible try to keep the healthiest diet possible.

Please stay home, be vigilant for any symptoms you or your love ones might develop and contact your healthcare professional.

Please leave your comments below!

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